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KS2 - Literacy - Myths Challenge

KS2 - Literacy - Myths Challenge

Learning Intention:

To plan an exciting myth

Top Tips:

  • Can you create a mythical adventure of a brave hero vanquishing an evil beast? Myths need four main features:

  1. An exciting setting – particularly for where the beast keeps its lair. The hero’s approach to the battleground should be dramatic!

  2. An interesting hero – give them a brief back story so the reader can understand what drives them.

  3. A terrible beast – use a well-known classic such as the Minotaur  or create your own from a mashup of creatures.

  4. A problem – why are the hero and beast doomed to clash? Revenge, rescue or glory?

  • Keep it exciting – play out the story with action figures, dolls or characters cut out from drawings. If you enjoy the adventure, so will your readers.

  • Try to be unpredictable – throw in a twist! Is the beast really evil? Is there a tragic ending?

Ideas for afterwards:

To try out the activities in the video, fill in this quick form.

  • Send a copy of your story to your friends, family or to Clevertouch.com. We’d love to read them!

  • Film your myth using members of your family as the main characters.

  • Look up myths to read online, such as the adventure of Odysseus or Theseus.

  • Create a picture of the epic battle between your hero and beast.

Subject: English

Recommended age group - 8-11 KS2

Topic: Myths Story Planner

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