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Caddington Pre-School IMPACT Donation

At Clevertouch, we want to support education and educators. With this in mind, we are happy to announce that we, along with LTSMG, have donated a 65” IMPACT screen to Caddington Pre-School. 

Clevertouch’s Nick Barker works closely with Caddington school and said “It was great to meet the team at Caddington Pre-School and see such enthusiasm for the IMPACT interactive display. I’m pleased Clevertouch were able to support LTSMG and the pre-school with the donation, and paired with the iPads secured for them from LTSMG – I’m sure they will have many engaging sessions with the technology”.

Classrooms are always evolving, and the technology in them should be too. We hope that this donation will help keep these children motivated to succeed and do well in education. Several studies have shown that children adapt to technology quickly, meaning they will do well when they encounter it after leaving education. We are happy to provide the technology for children to use and help them in their educational and personal development, as we want to help inspire the next generation. 

Adam from LTSMG says he is “delighted to be able to provide three new iPads to Caddington Pre-School and were thrilled when we were able to team up with the very generous team at Clevertouch, who offered to donate a 65” IMPACT display complete with Tilt and Turn trolley.  It is so rewarding to be able to provide some technology to this setting to allow the kids a bit more contact with the technology around them.  The pre-school were overwhelmed with the donation and have already put it all to good use.  A huge thanks again to Clevertouch for also spending some time at the setting to train the staff on using the IMPACT display.  So many ideas came out of that session that it should keep them going for a while”.

When speaking to one of the teachers at the school, they said that they are “amazed and appreciate such a generous gift” and when catching up a few days later, we heard that “the staff at Caddington Pre-School are as excited as the children to use the interactive screen. Everyone is developing new skills! The children are learning to share and take turns while accessing the apps available to us. Staff are able to offer much more variety to carpet times for the younger children. Having a large screen enables all the children to view carpet time presentations and follow morning exercise sessions! The interactive screen is such a valuable resource for us and we are greatly appreciative.”

We hope that this will encourage student engagement and collaboration, as well as facilitating learning and development. We are happy that this was possible, and would like to thank Nick and John from Clevertouch, as well as Adam from LTSMG, for making this possible.


We hope that this will encourage student engagement and collaboration, as well as facilitating learning and development.