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Introducing one of the largest firmware updates yet!

One of the largest updates yet has just been released, and we cannot wait to show you what has changed! So, please read ahead to see what is new and what has changed.

Cleverstore 3

The Cleverstore has now been updated to version 3, bringing a whole host of new features. These include:

  • New web store 
  • Account creation enabled
  • Multi user organisations can invite users and manage them
  • New UI
  • Apps can be assigned to users
  • Apps are now routinely updated
  • Over the air updates to the Cleverstore are now possible 
  • You can rate your favourite applications

Sensor module integration

This update completely integrates the Intelligent Sensor into your technology set up, allowing you to view temperature, humidity, PM2.5 and CO2 on the launcher. Users can then select this to see a 7 day view of the data and export to CSV.

Updated AirServer

AirServer has been updated to a new user interface, as well as many improvements behind the scenes.

Improved network capability

WiFi, Ethernet and Hotspot can be enabled simultaneously. This means, users can now connect the screen to Ethernet and still use AirServer miracast by enabling the WiFi.

Updated CleverLive app

Updated Clevertouch MDM

Updated user interface, support for .aab files and other improvements.

Active Standby Improvements to work with startup and shutdown settings.

Floating menu improvements to resolve Home button becoming unresponsive under certain conditions.

WiFi module improvements to resolve the WiFi and Hotspot options disappearing from the android Settings.

Option to toggle on / off floating menu in the debug menu.

Fix to allow the same apps to be installed on admin user account, and secondary user accounts.

One of the largest updates yet