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The new IMPACT Max, the solution for the modern classroom

Get ready for the IMPACT Max interactive panel, our solution for the modern classroom. With a refreshing new design, increased durability, and a stunning 4k resolution, the possibility for collaboration in education is unlimited. We are incredibly proud of our IMPACT range, and the newest model is cause for celebration, as it is the most powerful yet. The IMPACT Max has been built with educators and students in mind, with our goal being to provide the facilities for the ultimate learning experience.

The IMPACT Max is a complete education package, and so here are some of the new features that will make your lessons unforgettable:

  • Upgraded hardware, meaning your lessons will be faster and more engaging than ever, with minimal load times or waiting around.
  • High powered speakers with crystal clear sound that fills the room, so all students can hear and participate.
  • Built in microphone, so you can record anything or deliver hybrid teaching with no learning loss.
  • Android 11 operating system, the fastest model yet. Compatible with all major operating systems and incredibly intuitive and easy to use.
  • Beautiful new design that will modernise any classroom.
  • A whole host of free software included, such as Clevershare, allowing up to 50 people to share the screen and collaborate on any document or video.
  • The new Cleverstore, with hundreds of free apps that will engage and excite students of all ages and abilities.
  • Upgraded stability and security, meaning users can be safe in the knowledge that their data is protected.

Shaun Marklew, Chief Technical Officer at Boxlight Corporation, says "We have a passion for innovation and technology, we are excited to announce this product as it is the perfect solution for the modern classroom. It is easy to use and will help in creating the ultimate learning environment."

We are excited for you to get to use the IMPACT Max, so please head to the events page to see where you can meet us. For more information and updates, please follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn


The IMPACT Max is a complete education package