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Learn about the UK with Cleverstore resources

With the coronation coming up, it's a perfect time to learn more about the UK. Download our free resources from Cleverstore. 

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English Friends in London. 

Engage students and help them to improve their language skills and learn new landmarks by playing games. With comprehension games or activities after each topic, this fun application designed for children will bring language to life! 

Download the English Friends in London resource.


United Kingdom Puzzle

Can your students name the 12 regions in the UK? This entertaining puzzle allows students to discover facts about each area as they piece it together. 

Download the United Kingdom Puzzle resource.


Victorian Britain

Let children explore Victorian Britain with this fun, interactive timeline. The resource includes activities on:

  • Queen Victoria
  • An age of innovation
  • The Industrial revolution
  • The British Empire
  • Victorian Inventions and discoveries 
  • The Railways 
  • Victorian clothes and Fashion

Download Victorian Britain resource and discover more activities.


Download your free UK lesson activities