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Implement a cloud strategy in your school

Implement a cloud strategy in your school

Most of us use the cloud on a day-to-day basis, and our lives are increasingly influenced by cloud technology. From storing data, files, images and more on your personal devices, to collaborating with others on shared documents, cloud-based systems are at the forefront of many workplaces’ strategies in 2020. The benefits are clear:

  • Low cost storage of data
  • Enables remote working
  • Allows users to work on shared documents in real-time 
  • Streamlines workflows and procedures 

However, many schools aren’t embracing cloud technology. Whilst a third of universities use the cloud, the numbers of primary and secondary schools using this technology are drastically lower. 

Why the Cloud could benefit your school:

Streamline workloads
By working remotely, teachers can effectively manage workloads from home or from school. Applications with cloud log-ins allow lessons and resources to be accessed from anywhere, freeing up teachers time and workload. It also allows those lessons and resources to be shared with other teachers, either from the same school or on a global scale. 

Being able to log in and view your files from anywhere means teachers no longer need to print or photocopy documents. Both teachers and students can access the shared cloud accounts from home to work on things out of school hours. Saving on paper and printing has huge environmental benefits.  

Having cloud-based servers rather than on-site servers is often cheaper, and it frees up space within the school to be used by other activities. Lots of cloud-based applications can save time and therefore money on daily administrative tasks.

Students prefer it
It’s quick to access information, students can work together without needing to be physically together, and students enjoy using online resources. There are no obstacles to learning – all the resources are securely available to students to access at any time, from anywhere. 

Real-time collaboration
Department or year group meetings and pooled resources can be updated instantly, with everyone working together simultaneously in real-time, supporting teachers who need to leave school at the end of the day and work later in the evening or at other times throughout the day from home or elsewhere. 

At Clevertouch, we’ve made our new IMPACT range Cloud-Friendly. Every IMPACT Plus comes with NFC ID Cards. Allocate these cards to your teachers, so that they can attach their cloud accounts to their card. Then, when they swipe their card against the Clevertouch they are using, they’ll be able to save anything they do to their cloud account in seconds. Clevertouch can sync with Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or Dropbox, giving lots of options depending on what system your school is running. 

Lynx, which is included with every IMPACT screen, is launching its new cloud-based application in June. It will allow teachers to upload entire folders of Smart Notebook files, PowerPoint files and more, and convert them into Lynx files. Users can then sync their Lynx account with Lynx Cloud Drive, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox, allowing files to be used by any colleagues that have access to those cloud accounts. Effectively, years of lesson resources can be accessed and shared by any members of your team, cutting down lesson planning time and consolidating the lesson creating process. 

With student numbers continuing to rapidly increase, now is the ideal time for schools to start adopting cloud platforms. It is vital that teacher workload and teaching resources are in line with these increased pressures. Now is the time to embrace the power of the cloud, leaving more time, budget and resources free for schools to concentrate on educating students.  

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Clevertouch can sync with Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or Dropbox, giving lots of options depending on what system your school is running.“