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Clevertouch Technologies extends partnership into 2022 with NUITEQ Snowflake and Stage

As the original touch screen partner of NUITEQ®, we first brought to market key education curriculum software with Clevertouch touch screens back in 2011, and later, remote and in-room collaborative meeting software with UX Pro.

Clevertouch Technologies and NUITEQ continue to break new ground together and will be offering all new Clevertouch customers in designated regions a free 12-month edition of NUITEQ Stage for Education and Enterprise. This version will provide customers, colleagues and students the ability to collaborate on shared content, lessons and promote sharing of ideas in real time within a collaborative workspace using an inbuilt chat to text feature. The option to purchase an upgrade to a full NUITEQ Stage 12-month version will be available and will allow users the ability to sign in with their Microsoft Teams accounts and gain access to voice and video capability.
The new partnership also continues the availability of NUITEQ Snowflake for all education users. Designed especially for hybrid education, Snowflake provides over 100,000 pre-created lesson options, as well as full lesson packs with audio, video, worksheet and activities. It's ideal for home learning. 
Shaun Marklew comments: ‘Our touchscreen technology is all centred around the end-user experience and NUITEQ have always helped to enhance that experience with curriculum-based lesson content and NUITEQ Stage for Hybrid Learning and remote collaborative meetings. We’re proud to continue our partnership into 2022 with the team at NUITEQ.’
Dennis Mohi, Sales Director at NUITEQ comments: ‘Clevertouch are the innovators in touch screen solutions and we’re proud to continue our partnership. Teachers can continue to search and download lesson activities, deploy homework and access complete lesson packs with curated content. The aim to save teachers time and engage the students is key for us”
Clevertouch, was first to market in 2009 and adopted NUITEQ as their premium software partner for Education in 2011 and then expanded that partnership with NUITEQ Stage browser-based meeting software in 2017.


Clevertouch are the innovators in touch screen solutions and we’re proud to continue our partnership.