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Redefining the User Experience

There’s no shortage of technology out there. Any business looking to up their game is faced with a myriad of options. But often this involves multiple systems that are individually designed with the technology in mind, not the user, and they don’t work together.

One of the biggest challenges for any enterprise looking to transform their communications technology is the difficulty of integration. Different software providers, multiple platforms, complicated access processes, and cumbersome hardware can make it hard to create a seamless process that is easy to use and provides the answers that businesses are looking for.

The Clevertouch Enterprise Ecosystem has been designed to address these challenges. It brings enterprise technology into one system. A group of products – interactive flat panel screens, room booking systems, and digital signage - providing a working environment that is simple to use and offers a full suite of communications tools, and is built for the user in mind.

“What we find is that a lot of companies put out a product, and that product is in all marketplaces, education and corporate, and is shoehorned in to make it fit a shape,” says Chris Southern, Head of Enterprise Sales at Clevertouch. “What we’ve done with the Enterprise Ecosystem and UX Pro Series is look at what the corporates want, the problems they have and the issues they face with this kit, and we’ve developed it specifically for this market. The software, apps, and everything on there, works for the market.”

The company have demo spaces in London, Leeds and Edinburgh and every year 500 to 600 companies come through the centres, enabling Clevertouch to understand the market and subsequently “build from the customer up.”

And it reaches every touchpoint. The Enterprise Ecosystem is a solution that works for all spaces and all needs, enhancing the experience right from the start.

As soon as someone enters the building they are shown information via digital signage through CleverMessage. The connective system is device agnostic, so any business can integrate it into their own systems. Multi modal, it carries instant messaging, streaming, internal announcements, RSS feed, social media, website or PowerPoint presentations, so the content you want to communicate can be delivered immediately. The same – or different – messages can be shared across the business in internal spaces and meeting rooms. As any business owner knows, this consistent branding is crucial for brand identity.

The technology continues throughout the building. Meeting room spaces are now more than just rooms, they are zones for collaboration. At the door of every space is a touch screen detailing when the room is booked, who is using it, and when it beomes free. Using the touch screen, users can book the room straight away, or via their company's calendar programme. There’s no confusion as to whether a room is available and no empty spaces sitting idle.

The 4K UX Pro screen is an interactive flat panel that is also a full communications suite. A multi function device, it features high definition technology, providing superior performance, allowing users to create immersive experiences at a lower cost.  Wireless connectivity means that any device can be used to share content, and the Remote Managment system makes it possible to control from anywhere. More and more people are working from multiple sites, untethered from their desk. Bringing people together via unified collaboration platforms means that all sorts of software can be used no matter where people are. Stage is the unified communications platform that allows video, voice, desktop share and multiway linkage, all from a web browser. This makes it accessible to any individual on any device, no matter where they are in the office – or in the world.

A walk up and use approach makes it simple to get going, without the need for cumbersome hardware and long logging in processes. It’s simple to access your profile with the NFC sensor, and cloud accounting allows individuals to sync and work anywhere at anytime. Files and applications can be shared seamlessly, allowing for fully integrative setup that is ready and available.

Life is made much easier for facilities managers who have one point of contact with one business. The fact that anyone can access it via their own phone or laptop means that there is little need for training, so rate of adoption is greater. The Enterprise Ecosystem can be extended out into other office spaces, other buildings, and even other countries. It doesn’t matter where you are, the experience is the same.

It’s also cost effective. There’s no ongoing subscriptions costs, no need for licence renewal, no software updates required. Many competitor systems don’t blend together easily and can end up costing the user thousands. By having one system that works together, the experience is much more flexible and fluid for the users.

“The biggest benefit is the ease of use," says Chris. “Often technology doesn’t get adopted, and becomes a white elephant, because it’s too complicated. With three products working off one platform, it’s easy to use.”

Great business technology needs to be designed with enterprise demands in mind. Every company has their unique needs, and the Enterprise Ecosystem can meet those. Built with the user and for the user, it’s a flexible and adaptable system that combines years of experience with cutting edge technological developments that are built for businesses in the modern age.

Often technology doesn’t get adopted, and becomes a white elephant, because it’s too complicated. With three products working off one platform, it’s easy to use