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Large Format Displays - CM Series


Transforming spaces with innovative screen technology

The CM Series is a non-touch large format professional display screen complete with inbuilt digital signage and meeting room system integration.

Delivering powerful brilliance with effortless control and advanced feature capabilities, the CM Series pushes the boundaries of technology, capturing and engaging with audiences as your content is displayed quickly, easily and professionally.

CM Series large format professional displays can be deployed to suit most applications:

Fantastic feature packed screen for all types of vertical sectors including retail, corporate and education.

Wireless display, android technology, power management scheduling and 16/7 operation. Perfect for meeting rooms and classrooms where an alternative to interactive displays is required.

Digital signage integration on the SedaoLive CLOUD platform to display full screen signage including posters and videos. Great for way finding (non-touch), reception advertising and digital signage in any setting.

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Product features

4k Ultra HD Resolution
(not including embedded Smart Signage)

16/7 operation

Landscape & Portrait

3 year de-install and re-install warranty
(UK mainland only)

Power Management Scheduling

Android Technology

Wireless Display Connectivity

Vibrant Picture Quality

Active Standby

Control Integration

Dynamic Digital Signage Playback