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Bring your own meeting

Teams have been using their personal devices during meetings for close to a decade now. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is nothing new, but Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) is an expansion of this, allowing us to create our own meetings, using our own devices and the devices around us.

A less formal way of working

The Next meeting is on the hour or at a pre-agreed time and place, be that virtual or in-person, We bet that sounds familiar for you and your team. With BYOM, you bring your own meeting on your device. It’s a less formal, planned way of holding meetings. These off-the-cuff pop-up meetings allow users to be more creative and share ideas naturally rather than at a certain time. You start the meeting from your device, and you can choose to use the in-meeting-room equipment that is available, such as audio, visual, or collaboration tools. And the beauty is, you can choose your preferred UC solution - Zoom, Teams, Webex, Codex, etc.

BYOM empowers your team to decide where and how they connect with meeting participants. Creating that seamless user experience with an easy set-and-go meeting is now the priority in our hybrid workspaces.

Let’s face it, the in-room meeting technology needs to work the first time, every time, and shouldn’t affect your existing UC setup, rather it needs to complement it.

More Choice For Individuals

Individuals have become more autonomous. Giving people more control increases productivity.

With Launcher, access your UC account instantly or connect via the USB C cable for that instant connectivity and charging.

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