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As the leading manufacturer of interactive and digital signage technologies, we are committed to delivering innovation for your world through developing industry-leading technology with security and sustainability at the forefront.

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Unrivalled Security and Control Features Integrated

We know how important it is to be secure, and we ensure our products are designed to safeguard sensitive information with advanced encryption protocols and robust security measures across its entire product range.  We offer lots of options for you to keep control of your device.

Robust security measures

Flexible Network Capabilities

With Clevertouch, your users can seamlessly operate on or off the network. Whether you need the convenience of online connectivity or prefer a closed, offline environment, Clevertouch caters to your preferences.

Advanced Encryption

Secure Authentication, Encryption, and Updates

Ensuring security through robust user authentication, encrypting data both in transit and at rest, and implementing regular security updates to address potential vulnerabilities proactively.

Tailored experiences

Advanced user permissions

Clevertouch offers advanced customisation options, allowing you to disable settings, apps, and even the Android system itself to tailor your interactive experience according to your preferences.

Flexible login solutions

Single Sign-On (SSO) Login

Choose from various login options, including the innovative personal device QR code login. This QR code login method has gained significant popularity due to its ability to conceal password credentials from onlookers, ensuring heightened privacy and security. The convenience of the QR code login extends further as it allows users to log out on the move, addressing the common challenge of forgetting to log out when in front of the interactive panel. Clevertouch prioritises ease of use and places a premium on safeguarding user information, making the login experience efficient, private, and adaptable to users' dynamic needs.

Advanced user security

Auto log-out functionality

Clevertouch ensures a secure and efficient user experience with the auto log-out feature accessible through the "end meeting" icon on the floating toolbar. Users can configure this feature to perform various actions, such as erasing all data, logging out of cloud accounts, deleting browser history, and promoting privacy and data security. Additionally, the auto log-out function can be set to run on a start-up/shutdown timer, offering a customisable and automated solution for managing sessions.

Ultimate control

Fully Customisable Launchers

To elevate the interactive experience, Clevertouch has introduced customisable launcher screens. These Launchers are designed to be personalised, allowing for departments or individual users to tailor their screens according to their needs. A standout feature is the ability to lock down launchers to specific apps, providing a controlled and focused environment. Included is the ability to remove sidebars, strategically reducing access to native or search apps and further enhancing user concentration and workflow efficiency.

Remote Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

The Clevertouch MDM platform can enhance security by blocking all cloud account apps. This strategic measure ensures that access to cloud accounts is exclusively available via users' PCs, reinforcing control over data and user interactions. By leveraging MDM, administrators can enforce policies that align with organisational security protocols, providing a centralised and efficient means to manage and safeguard access to cloud services.

Centralised Cloud Access
LYNX File Manager

LYNX File Manager offers the added convenience of QR Code login. Users can seamlessly log in to LYNX to gain centralised access to all their cloud services in one unified platform. The innovative QR Code authentication not only enhances security but also facilitates quick and effortless logins and provides flexibility for users to log out remotely from any device in case of forgotten logouts, ensuring data security and privacy. This versatile tool can also be linked to launchers, creating a cohesive and interconnected digital environment tailored to individual or organisational preferences.

Ground-breaking partnership

Google EDLA Certification

Clevertouch proudly pioneers a ground-breaking initiative by becoming the first to partner our panels with Google, introducing an unprecedented level of Android security through EDLA. This strategic collaboration ensures that Clevertouch panels benefit from the latest advancements in Android security measures, providing users with a fortified shield against potential vulnerabilities. The integration of EDLA enhances the overall security of our interactive panels and reflects our unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of technology. Clevertouch users can now enjoy a secure and seamless Android experience, setting a new standard in the industry for enhanced device protection and peace of mind.

Unique Solution

Disabling Android Functionality

For users seeking an unconventional approach, Clevertouch offers the option to disable the Android functionality completely and operate the interactive panel as a dumb terminal to a PC. While this configuration is not recommended for typical use cases, it provides a unique solution for specific scenarios where the interactive panel is primarily utilised as an extension of a connected computer. By choosing to disable the Android system, users can streamline their experience, focusing solely on the PC's capabilities.

Providing your organisation peace of mind

Clevertouch provides peace of mind by delivering innovative solutions in a secure environment where your data remains confidential and protected, whether in the classroom, boardroom, collaborative workspace, or information broadcasting locations.

We have an extensive Privacy Policy, which complements our security policy. 

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