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A positive end to 2020

Peter Brown, Clevertouch Enterprise Communications Specialist

I find it difficult to comprehend that it’s December already. This has been a crazy year; one we will never forget. 2020 has brought so much negativity and uncertainty for us all but I can see hope on the horizon. As I write this, we may all be in some level of lockdown or tiered system but the positive news is that a vaccine could be with us soon. It’s easy just to think about all the bad things that happened this year but if you look close enough there were also positives.

Sometimes we are all so busy we forget to stop and look around to see how we can better ourselves. This year we were suddenly given time to take stock and look at how we could improve how we work. When we went into the first lockdown in March and the world came to a sudden halt, we quickly started to put a plan together on how we were going to navigate the hurdles that were being thrown at us. 

So, what did we do?

  • We started company-wide video calls, improving communication internally and in turn got to know each other a lot better which strengthened our working relationships. 
  • We did multiple online training sessions to develop our knowledge of our products, other manufacturers and audio visual in general. I personally have learnt more about Clevertouch in the past 9 months than I had in the previous 4 years. 
  • We put our collective heads together and came up with ideas on how we could showcase Clevertouch Technologies in a more relevant way for all new and existing working environments.
  • As we were limited on who we could visit we set up live online demonstrations which gave an added dimension to our existing showroom and onsite demos. 
  • We added to our Demand Creation team so we could further develop the Enterprise, FE/HE, NHS and MOD sectors.  
  • We started the process of moving to a new London showroom with a plan that in the new year we would be able to show the full Clevertouch eco system in action including room booking, interactive and non-interactive displays and digital signage.
  • Multiple firmware and software updates were made to Clevertouch adding new and improved features. We also launched Lynx Whiteboard which is a cloud based collaborative application that works on multiple devices and platforms.

So, moving into 2021 when hopefully everything falls back into place, will we go back to the way we were before? I would say in many ways we will but we will also be able to add the additional skills we have picked up this year to improve the way we work and how we engage with people.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas and stays safe. Let’s all move into the new year with hope, positivity and strength with an eye on getting back to what we do best.     

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This year we were suddenly given time to take stock and look at how we could improve how we work."