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Bridging the Home/Office work experience - how Clevertouch can help

Last week, James Temishe, our enterprise specialist, shared his thoughts on how forward-thinking businesses are adapting to ensure their work-from-home team members can successfully return to the office when they need to. 

This week, we look at how Clevertouch Technologies can help you achieve the 4r's that every business needs to consider... relevant, resilient, robust and ROI.

Accessing content from home as it is in the office: UX Pro syncs with Google Drive and OneDrive, allowing you to open and edit files that you’ve created at home. You can also install any app so that you can continue to work using your preferred software solution. 

Future-proofed technology that aids office and home working alike: You can mirror what’s on your personal device to the UX Pro display by using the free Clevershare app. Control the screen without ever needing to touch it or leave your seat, ideal for social distancing in the meeting room. 

Easy to operate and remotely manageable solutions:UX Pro is designed to be easy to use. Our ethos is that anyone can walk into the meeting room and present, without needing a how-to-guide or any training. 

Ongoing reliability and support when required: All of our interactive displays come with a five year de/re-install warranty. Our failure rate is the lowest on the market, but if there is a problem, we’ll attempt to fix it on-site. If it can’t be done, we’ll leave you with a replacement screen while we take yours away to be fixed.

Contact us to discuss your meeting space strategy, let our enterprise experts help you create that right and relevant meeting space that bridges your employees' home/work experience


Businesses are addressing the technology questions whilst locked down so as to have the right type of technology in place when things re-open.“