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At-a-glance meetings

Over the past year, meetings have changed. Now we’re slowly coming back into the office, usually on a one or two day a week basis. As we catch up with colleagues, meetings will happen on-the-fly. 

We’ve all become more flexible, and so the 9am company-wide start time is a thing of the past. Colleagues may be dropping children at school or going to a spin class before they arrive at the office. Meetings will become less planned - instead, we will bring our own meetings (BYOM), and we need flexible meeting room options to facilitate this. BYOM empowers your team to decide where and how they connect with meeting participants. Creating that seamless user experience with an easy set-and-go meeting is now the priority in our hybrid workspaces.

Many of us will find this scenario familiar:- You want to have an impromptu meeting but aren’t sure what rooms are free. You find one, and then 15 minutes later you’re asked to move because someone else had already booked it. How can we overcome this issue?

There are many room booking solutions out there, and Clevertouch Technologies’ solution has many features that others are lacking. Controlled by a centralised online platform, ClevertouchLive, our Live Rooms panels connect with your calendars to give an instant overview of the day’s meetings. You can book the room with just one-touch - and end the meeting just as easily, so people know that the room is available. 

If you’ve got a building with lots of meeting rooms and huddle spaces, you can display the room status of them all, giving an at-a-glance insight into the day’s meetings and room availability. Use either a CM Series commercial display, or any LFD with a Pico or ProV4 player attached, to sync to ClevertouchLive and display your meeting room calendar. 

You can see it in action in this video from our enterprise specialist, James Temishe. As he enters the room, he is able to quickly press the Live Rooms panel, causing it to change from available (green) to booked (red). 

To get Live Rooms in your office, get in touch for a demo with [email protected]


If you’ve got a building with lots of meeting rooms and huddle spaces, you can display the room status of them all