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Is the QR code here to stay?

We know, we all thought the QR code was dead. For years publications and advertisers tried to make it happen, but it never really took off. Of course, since the pandemic hit, we are seeing QR codes everywhere. 

From ordering a meal to checking-in to the gym, we are now so used to scanning QR codes that it’s become second nature. But how did this change come about? And how can you utilize it?

Firstly, it’s got easier to scan them. On older devices, there was a requirement to download a QR scanning app - often these freemium apps included adverts or didn’t work as users hoped. That immediately put a barrier between the QR code and the average user. If it’s not simple and if it doesn’t work as intended, users won’t use it! Over the past couple of years, newer devices have hit the market, and these have an integrated QR code scanner. It’s so easy to use, that people don’t think twice about quickly scanning a QR code with their phones.

One of the main changes over the past year is that we don’t want to touch! People are nervous and more concerned with hygiene than ever before. Holding a menu that has been held by countless other people or touching a reception desk tablet to sign into a building, is likely to make people anxious. The beauty of the QR code is that you don’t need to touch it. People prefer being able to scan the code and order or fill in forms via their own devices. We know our own device is clean, we know where it’s been, and we are comfortable using it. 

At CleverLive, we believe that the QR code is here to stay. That’s why we’ve created a QR code component into our digital posters. Our new digital signage platform has been designed to be simple to use, and anyone creating a poster can easily incorporate a QR code into their design. 

Our top tips for using QR codes in digital posters:

  1. Place the code at the bottom of the poster. This makes it more accessible for users who cannot reach the top half of the screen
  2. Make it a two-way action. When a user scans the code, their device will send them to a webpage, but we recommend that the action also changes the poster on display. 
  3. Capture data. A QR code is a great way to ask for a customer’s email address, so that you can share information with them at a later date, or add them to your newsletter.

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People don’t think twice about quickly scanning a QR code with their phones