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Global Display Chip Shortage

I’m sure you’ve seen on the news recently that pretty much every industry from Interactive Touchscreens to Automotive Manufacturing is in the midst of a Global Display Chip Shortage. 

Nearly every ‘intelligent’ electrical product contains semiconductors and at the moment there just isn’t enough of them to meet supply chain demand, and as a result, many products are in short supply, or on backorder. We predict this situation will remain for the next 12-18 months.

These constraints in some industries have caused manufacturing plants to shut down completely. 

These issues are all compounded by the ongoing pandemic and global shipping delays.

Here at Clevertouch, we have taken the most proactive approach possible to ensure we have the best stocks of not just chipsets but all components in our supply chain that make a Clevertouch Interactive Touchscreen. 

As one of the longest established brands in our industry, we have greater reach to secure components needed to build our screens without having to sacrifice quality or performance. 

We have constantly looked at bottlenecks, made changes where necessary and more importantly we’re working on what we will need for the next 12-18 months to bring you the quality product you expect from us. 

How Clevertouch can help me?
If you’re a reseller please reach out to your Clevertouch representative so we can understand your needs and best support your business during this challenging time. 

If you’re an end user, speak to your Clevertouch reseller about your needs and timeframe so they can work with us to bring your project needs to reality. 

Rob Xenos is the Group Product Development Manager for Clevertouch.


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