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What’s new with CleverLive? September Update

Dynamic CleverLive has evolved to bring you some exciting new features. 

The first place to go when you install any product from the Clevertouch family, is a complete digital signage, messaging and control app where you can create enticing presentations for any audience.

So what’s new?

Share Presentations
CleverLive now gives you the ability to securely share presentations with other users, ideal for situations where multiple accounts have been created rather than multiple users within one account. 

Simply select a presentation, launcher or mobile interface and you now have a “share” icon. This downloads the presentation as a signed (hence secured) file with the file extension “.CTLP” . You can import the shared presentation from your CleverLive home screen.

Easy Triggering
The latest update allows you to use third party apps, software and AV controllers to trigger one-touch actions. The growing need to trigger actions by third party controllers means we’ve set up the simplest system possible to do this.

AV integration specialists will now be able to use POST requests when setting up control panels. It’s also supported by Zapier, IFTTT and all the standard third party triggering systems.

Volume Control
All presentations now can have a volume control option. 

We hope you enjoy these updates. For training or a demonstration, please contact Helen Kenniff


Share Presentations, Easy Triggering, Volume Control - all new this September