PC Software: Snowflake by NUITEQ

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NUITEQ's Snowflake Multiteach software enables teachers and students to tell engaging interactive stories that are closely aligned to the cirriculum. It provides a safe community for online and small group collaboration, and it provides simultaneous personalised instruction making the  cirriculum more relevant to students lives.

In addition to the 25+ off the shelf apps with pre-set content, busy teachers can easily and quickly create curriculum specific touchscreen lessons with custom content, using the Lesson app.

All game and activity applications are designed to improve both communication and social skills. As kids share ideas and collaborate together, the software helps build their confidence and develops their knowledge of different subjects.

The software supports:

  • Project basedLearning: Create adventure with Lessons Lists.
  • Integrated Learning: Across different subjects using Zones.
  • Digital curation: By students and teachers.
  • Concept mapping: Organize rlevant content in Nodes.
  • Teacher professional development: With online courses and videos.
  • Multiple means of presentation: Of learning content and activities.
  • STEAM labs, Maker Spaces: Supports student creation.
  • Learning stations: For small groups in upright or tabletop mode.