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Real time collaboration

Stage is a real-time collaborative workspace meeting solution that gives any organisation the opportunity to collaborate and annotate on shared documents seamlessly within a live video conferencing environment.

Designed for both on-site and distributed teams, users simply need to open a web browser, enter their pin and start working together.

Co-developed and adapted for Clevertouch with NUITEQ, a specialist in the development of human computer interactive software, the aim of Stage is to help participants start a meeting quickly with minimal fuss.

With Stage, there is no need to download apps or software, saving time and avoiding problems with complex firewalls.   The cloud-based collaboration solution is safe, secure and will fit seamlessly into any organisation.

Built in features to Stage:

  • Real time whiteboarding and collaboration on shared documents
  • Voice and video meeting capabilities
  • Support for most BYOD devices to connect to the meeting
  • No need for an account to join as a guest
  • Screen sharing capabilities 
  • Find your collaboration workspace safely stored in the cloud, at any time