Take control


IT departments & administrators can take control, without needing to leave their office. 

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Control multiple Clevertouch devices

Link your entire Clevertouch fleet to your Remote Management MDM account, so that you can control them from anywhere.

Update or remove apps

You can add an apk file to all or some of your Clevertouch displays, so your organisation always have the latest apps available to use. 

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Over-The-Air updates

With OTA updates there's just one click to get the latest firmware on your screen. We never charge for firmware updates. 

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View status information

IT managers can troubleshoot without needing to leave their office. Look up individual Clevertouch screens and view the display, edit settings, or restart. 

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Group and tag

If you have a group of screens being used by a certain department, you can deploy the same apps and settings, so that there is a standardized experience for everyone in that department. 

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