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Making Learning Accessible from Anywhere at NA College

How one higher education institution made the changes needed to provide all of its students access to learning, even when not on campus.

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NA College has utilised a wide range of lesson delivery methods but felt it was beneficial to invest in equipment and technology that would allow them to expand on this further. Their goal? To benefit not only staff but learners as well, giving everyone in the classroom a more enriching and fulfilling educational experience.

Says Lisa Emmerson, Digital Learning and Innovation Manager at NA College, “We decided to move to interactive displays to enhance classroom management and boost learner enthusiasm and engagement." Emmerson felt that displays provided an abundance of new options that they did not have previously with the traditional laptop and TV monitor combination. Although this provided for some student participation in the learning, it lacked the level of learning engagement they were hoping to cultivate.

Key Solutions 

In the past few months, NA College has shifted to a blended delivery approach of instruction. This required that equipment and tech allow staff to interact and engage with learners from anywhere, home or classroom. The need for both learners and tutors to self-isolate at any given notice presented NA College staff with a plethora of unique, and difficult challenges.

Emmerson comments, “We need technology that would allow students to continue their studies and get the full classroom experience from their home so as not to be at a disadvantage when it comes to their learning". 

Arrangements were made for demonstrations of the UX Pro displays and attendees were impressed with the vast array of functions the displays are equipped with. “Whether delivering an advanced Maths session to Engineering learners, or an Operational Management session to our Management learners, Clevertouch equipped us with the technology to be able to make the sessions an immersive and intuitive digital experience without detracting from the valuable content being delivered", raved Emmerson. 

Because the college is now offering a range of instructional delivery methods including in-class, remote, and blended, they needed technology that would help give all of their learner's equal opportunities with interactive learning and experiences with their peers, regardless of location. The Clevertouch solution provides this and more. A key aim for NA College is to keep the learning consistent and flowing so that interruptions are minimised if not eliminated. 

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Tutors have been making great use of the exceptionally intuitive UX Pro display functions such as transferring handwritten script to text for ease of reading for learners. They also appreciate the accessibility to the internet to search for images, information, and videos to support instruction. Tutors can simply copy or link to the display, adding a level of multimedia interactivity previously not possible. The QR code function is also helpful by providing access to session notes for later review as needed. 

In addition, cameras were purchased to attach to the displays. This has worked well for splitting learner groups due to health and safety restrictions, or if anyone needs to self-isolate. Along with the Microsoft Teams application, a seamless learning experience is maintained by those who have had to be separated. 

Besides helping to create more interactive learning experiences with state-of-the-art technology, Clevertouch training sessions have been instrumental in helping tutors get up and running successfully. After initial training of the UX Pro display functions, a follow-up training was arranged on areas of specific need.

“Louise (Richley, BDS Digital integrator) has been an absolute pleasure to work with", says Emmerson. “She ensured everything ran smoothly, quickly, and efficiently right from the get-go". The Clevertouch team wanted to ensure that NA College tutors and learners fully understood what is possible when utilising the UX Pro displays. 

Nick Barker, Clevertouch HE/FE Business Manager states, “It is great to see our technology benefitting both teaching staff and students. The college has a refreshing appetite for enhancing lecture and content delivery, enabling as much engagement as possible. The UX Pro displays can provide this and assist delivery to both those on campus and those connecting remotely."

Adds Richley, “We were supported fantastically well by Clevertouch and this project, particularly as things happened very quickly with the start of the new term. With less than a day’s notice, they travelled to us to carry out a full product demonstration and answer any questions the college had". She goes on to say, “I cannot speak more highly of both Clevertouch and their excellent customer service because, ultimately, this reflects our brand as the integrator". 

We certainly look forward to hearing more about what the NA College staff and learners have to say about the Clevertouch technology provided.

What to find out more? Contact Nick Barker on how Clevertouch can enable a blended learning solution in your college.