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The three rules of technology engagement

At Clevertouch, we help businesses adopt technology whilst make transition and transformation easy whilst being disruptive

So what are the three rules of technology engagement?


Most of us have got into the habit of personalising our phones or tablets. We want our favourite apps within easy reach, our home launcher screen to be laid out the way we like, and our visual and audio settings to be comfortable.

The same should be the case for workplace technology. Each user will have different preferences, and you should choose a solution that allows users to log in and view their personalised settings. 

Access, flexibility and practicality!

Meeting room technology needs to be easy to use so that the adoption levels stay high. 

Many types of departments within businesses will have unique user cases and need unique user experiences, also in some cases running unique applications on technology. Solutions need to be flexible so that all departments can benefit from them. 

There is no point having an expensive piece of kit if no one uses it. The technology you choose should work in real life situations. Choose a solution with proven results, and one that has the support process to show you how it can be adapted for your organisation's individual situation. 


The best way to technology engagement is to choose something that is familiar. Users don't want to learn new apps and systems, so if the design, layout and content is familiar, they are more likely to use the technology on a daily basis. 

To talk more, get in touch with Ashley Helm, our adoption specialist. 


At Clevertouch, we help businesses Adopt technology whilst make transition and transformation easy whilst being disruptive