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What's New? September 2020 Update

Below is an overview of new features available in the August 2020 firmware release for Impact®, Impact Plus®, and UX Pro® Clevertouch Models.

CleverMessage 2.0.63 update available. This can be accessed from the CleverMessage settings page.


Portuguese and Norwegian languages added
Ability to change the user interface to Portuguese and Norwegian. Please note that there is no handwriting recognition in these languages yet in the Whiteboard application. These will follow in a future update.

Windows Ink Compatibility
You can now utilise your Super Cool Stylus to use the Windows Ink tools in Microsoft Programs such as Whiteboard and OneNote

Password security 
We have upgraded password security by making sure that all password keypresses are hidden.

Disabling LUX for specific applications
You can now disable LUX if you do not require its functionality in a project. 

Clevershare 2.0.3 upgrade
This upgrade allows you to use Native streaming protocols such as Chromecast and Airplay. We are actively working on Miracast functionality for the next update.

Other updates:
Latest Android security patches
Ability to mute keyboard sounds (except in Chrome) 
New Android media player
Input button has been added to the floating control bar
Passwords are now hidden when typed
NFC login functionality now extended to Windows OS


Updating your firmware is easy.