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New Cleverstore apps

Educational app developer, Meester Dennis, partners with Clevertouch Technologies to offer eleven new apps, free of charge to our education users.

Beaded board (Dutch, English, Spanish, French and German)

A digital beaded board for children to practise several learning goals. This beaded board stimulates creativity and practise hand-eye coordination. In this app, children can recreate several patterns with virtual beads. There are round and square boards.

Puzzling with codes (Dutch, English, Spanish, French and German)

The codes in this app are based on ones and twos. Students will see a number sequence which they will have to convert into a pattern. By solving the pattern, the children will gain insight into numbers, understand their meaning and they will learn what a pattern is. The app also contains various puzzles and assignments, which makes the app perfectly suitable to play in between the lessons at school.

Toddler island (Dutch, English and German)

This app is developed for children between 3 and 6 years old. They can practice preparatory reading, counting, calculating, number recognition, and much more. 

Calculating with money (Dutch, English and German)

This app was created to follow the six most used exercises to help children to practice calculating with money. Students learn to add money, see and understand price lists and calculate how much cash must be returned.

Colours and shapes (Dutch, English, Spanish, French and German)

This app teaches pupils to recognize and identify different shapes and colours on a telephone or tablet. By practising colours and shapes, the children will increase their vocabulary and enhance their visual knowledge about objects.

Finishing sequences (Dutch, English, Spanish, French and German)

This application enables children to practice finishing logical sequences. Finishing a sequence stimulates children to think about order and teaches the concept of big, small, large, thick, etc. Students have to complete a sequence in the app. This sequence consists of a row of coloured images.

Geheugentrainer (Dutch, English, Spanish, French and German)

A memory training application

Guess the number (Dutch, English, Spanish, French and German)

The app chooses a number from a specific range, which can be set in the settings. The children have to guess this number. The application will tell the children if the real number is bigger, or smaller, or less or more. Students will learn to practice with numbers up to 10, 50, 100, 500 or even higher. Children will also get to know and practice several math concepts, like bigger and smaller.

Recognising sounds (Dutch, English, Spanish, French and German)

The sounds are subdivided into five categories, and each category contains 12 sounds. The categories are: Farm animals, Zoo animals, Vehicles, At home, Instruments

For each category, children can do three activities: 1. Listening to the sound 2. Guessing the right picture while they hear a sound 3. The children have to match the pictures and the sounds in the game “Memory”.

Dutch Language Only Apps -

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All apps can be accessed via Cleverstore (on your IMPACT/ IMPACT Plus display) or by using your ClevertouchLive account. From your ClevertouchLive account, you can deploy the apps to every interactive display in your school. 


New apps in English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch