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Teacher Tip – Sharing work with the whole class

Students love to share their work with the class and get collaborative feedback, In this one-minute video, 4th grade teacher Mr AJ Galli, of Pershing Elementary, USA, shows how students can share their science experiments with their peers.

Why we love it
Mr Galli’s science experiment sharing exercise is a great way to engage students, in a way that we might not normally think of. When working in groups on a live experiment, groups usually don’t get to see each other’s results. By recording the experiments and comparing them against each other in real-time, we can use screen-sharing in a completely new way to encourage students to discuss differences in scientific experiments and consider the reasons behind it. 

The tech specs
Clevershare has recently had an upgrade, so now six screens can be shown simultaneously, rather than four as stated in the video. 

Want to share?
If you have some lessons that you want to share with other teachers, get in touch.

We can use screen-sharing in a completely new way