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Humanising the retail experience

Ever since early childhood, we all have an emotional connection to shopping. For young children, it’s visiting the sweet shop or getting an ice cream from a passing ice cream van. 

For teens, it’s nightclub-like stores with loud music and rows of clothes, accessories and makeup. Even as adults, we shop as a pick-me-up after a hard day, or as a treat come pay day. Those sounds, sights and feelings from a favourite shopping experience can become nostalgic, or as the enigmatic Don Draper explains it; ‘It’s a twinge in your heart far more powerful than memory alone.’

So why do we feel nostalgic when we hear the music playing from an ice cream van, or see an outfit that we loved as a teen? And how can we create that emotion in our retail spaces?

The joy, the thrill, the heart-over-head spontaneity as our eyes settle on the shiny and new that screams ‘BUY ME!’ can never be replaced by the algorithmically curated convenience of online shopping.  This emotional experience can, however, be reimagined for consumers that have moved from the Main Streets and High Streets of the world, to the websites and Apps of the internet.  Digital Signage empowers retailers to seize this opportunity and create welcoming, innovative environments that people look forward to visiting and may, one day, look back upon and smile.

Digital Signage enables the exciting, inspiring power of interactive audio visual to be brought into real world shopping spaces.  Huge, high definition, head turning displays, beautifully showcase and effortlessly engage with a generation of customers used to living their lives through a screen.  Evocative branding and enticing imagery, combined with the pleasures of touching and feeling and trying-on, help to elevate a trip to the shops into an immersive experience that re-defines the future of retail by blending the virtual with the reality.

Digital signage hits three key consumer engagement sweet spots. It’s visual, it’s aural, and it can be interactive. We can use digital signage to leave a lasting impression on our customers by providing a retail experience that resonates with their inner memories.

The beauty of CleverLive, is that you can easily create completely bespoke digital posters incorporating images, video, sound and text. There’s no need for design software or to employ an agency to create content. Try it out today, and see how you can humanise your retail spaces, by opening an account at


Digital Signage enables the exciting, inspiring power of interactive audio visual to be brought into real world shopping spaces.