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Clevertouch expands into the oil and gas sector

Collaboration with offshore teams

The need to collaborate across different locations is the primary driving force behind why many oil and gas companies are installing AV technology in their offices and sites.  Many oil and gas firms with offshore sites conduct conference calls every morning with their teams on the rigs.  Where previously, these calls were made over the phone or by video conference, many are now looking to install interactive displays, so teams can collaborate about critical issues and asset maintenance far more visually and effectively than before.

Walk-up-and-use tech

“Another major consideration for oil & gas companies is that AV tech is simple to use.” Peter Brown comments, “Many staff work in busy, high-pressure environments.  They need an intuitive walk-up-and-use screen to ensure the technology is fully utilised – employees don’t have the time to fiddle around trying to work out how to use it.”

Why is the Oil & Gas sector choosing Clevertouch?

The Pro Series from Clevertouch is popular within the sector because it is designed for collaboration.  Staff across multiple sites, no matter where in the world, can easily and simply connect with each other, share screens and annotate across plans and diagrams in real time during conference calls or meetings.  What’s more they can do it on their own devices.  It doesn’t matter whether they have an Android smartphone, an iPad or a laptop, Clevertouch is the only interactive display that is totally platform agnostic – invaluable to companies with no single platform strategy or who allow BYOD for staff and visitors.

Oil & Gas Technology Centre rely on Clevertouch

At the Oil & Gas Technology Centre in Aberdeen, seven Pro Series displays have recently been installed as part of a broader development plan for the UK’s North Sea oil infrastructure.  Established in 2016 and opened by Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, the OGTC’s central remit is to become a global hub of innovation in the sector.  It therefore relies on leading-edge technology to effectively meet its collaboration and development goals in a competitive global industry. 

As Nikki Tierney, Innovation Hub manager at the OGTC, states, “The ease of use of the software is a great fit, but it’s brilliance lies in how the Pro seamlessly works with other devices and hardware.” Nikki continues, “We needed to be able to do everything, from showing immersive 4K videos to collaborating internationally. 

“The technology had to be simple and intuitive as many of its users are single-visit individuals, and given that we run daily sessions and meetings, the displays needed to be sturdy to withstand wear and tear.  The Pro Series from Clevertouch was the obvious choice, being keenly priced, connection and software flexible, and with a robust design.”

As the industry recovers from the stability concerns from the last few years, investment in technology is going to continue to grow as budgets increase in line with confidence in the future of the sector.  And this has had a knock-on effect in the area, as Peter Brown concludes, “We have already installed screens for a transport service company working with the surrounding oil and gas companies.  As the industry’s successes continue to benefit the region, we look forward to being their first port-of-call when it comes to collaborative AV technology.” 

A major consideration for oil & gas companies is that AV tech is simple to use."