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Dynamic, easy to use cloud digital signage platform.  Update and control your screens anywhere in the world from a single portal login.

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Unlock the power of digital signage 

CleverLive is the software platform that enables the creation, deployment, and management of content across one or multiple Clevertouch displays, no matter where they are in the world.  Make changes in real time or schedule into your calendar.  Send emergency alerts at the touch of a button.

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Award winning

An award-winning platform, trusted by 10,000+ professionals 

  No Subscription fees

  Easy to use Interface
     Full help and support from our dedicated Digital Signage team

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All in one place

Cloud Management Platform

Manage everything from your CleverLive account from anywhere and using any internet-based device, such as a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. 

  Cloud-based platform 

  Content-triggered from mobile devices

Create customisable launcher screens for an unlimited number of users on your interactive panel.

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Easy-to-use design templates

Flexible design templates

Personalise a library of 200+ easy-to-use design templates, or create your own with inbuilt design software. 

  200+ Templates

  Drag and Drop Content Editor

  Design Creation Tools

  Landscape or Portrait Designs

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Attention-grabbing content

Highly engaging content

Share attention-grabbing content and display messages that incorporate media formats such as text, photos/images, videos, web pages, RSS feeds, social media integrations, and more. Create a playlist to display content based on time, dates, seasons.

  Integrate with live feeds

  Multimedia playout

   Interactive QR code display

  Advanced Scheduling

CleverLive is ideal for any digital signage project.  As a cloud based content managment platform it offers, a drag and drop, easy to use interface that allows you to design your own digtial signage templates or use the pre-designed templates that are included in the package.

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In full control

Powerful messages instantly

Send preset messages, emergency alerts, or fix a typo and all of your screens will reflect the updates within seconds, no matter where the screens are located or how many there are. Send content to just one screen or multiple simultaneously and create screen groups for localized, audience-specific messaging. 

  Send instant emergency alerts

  Screen grouping

  Manage one screen, to thousands

  Across one location, or many

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Security is important

Keep your account secure

A simple interface for allocating permissions for editing a zone or uploading content on a user-by-user basis all with a single click. 

  Assign 1 or more administrators

  One-touch tick allocation

  Individual or group user permissions allocation

  Variable permission allocation 

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All of your Clevertouch Products under one roof 

Control all of your Clevertouch devices from one central place, CleverLive.

     Digital Signage

  Interactive displays

  Commercial displays

  Room Booking 

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CM Series

Need a display with inbuilt Digital Signage?

  Non-touch large format display
   3 Year Warranty

   Android 7.0 technology
  16/7 operation

Discover CM series

Already have a screen and need a Digital Signage Media Player or to enhance the CM Series capabilities?

Digital Signage Media Player


3 Year Warranty
Power Scheduling
24/7 Playing Capability
Environmentally Friendly
Ultra-low-power consumption

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Clevertouch Live/pro-v4
Digital Signage Media Player

Pico MK5

1 Year Warranty
24/7 Playing Capability
Andriod 7.0 Technology

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Clevertouch Live/pico-mk5


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