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Discover CleverLive Digital Signage for Hotels

At Clevertouch, our cutting-edge digital ecosystem technology is designed to increase staff productivity and enhance the visitor experience. 

We believe we deliver a truly unified solution, free from the frustrations of technology incompatibility, and empower you to communicate with your visitors and collaborate with your colleagues efficiently.


Greet visitors the right way

The visitor experience starts from the moment they enter your venue, and entry foyers are the perfect location to broadcast digital welcoming messages. CleverLive comes with hundreds of professionally designed presentations you can rebrand and inbuilt design tools to create bespoke presentations.


Use high-traffic areas to engage

High-traffic areas such as lobbies and reception areas open themselves to displaying further venue information such as facilities, services and membership benefits. All information can be broadcast on CleverLive in text, image, or video format.


Enhance venue navigation

Eliminate the user experience irritation of not knowing how to navigate a new venue with dynamic and interactive wayfinding screens. Select from wall-mounted or free-standing and touch or non-touch, CleverLive can deliver on multiple types of hardware.


Improve meeting room management

Meeting room management is made easy with CleverLive able to integrate with O365 and ME to enable room booking via calendars or at the source. The summary feature allows you to display all the rooms and see real-time availability.


Collaborate powerfully

Meeting room collaboration is at your fingertips with the award-winning touch panel range. With CleverLive, these panels can be locked down for visitors, enabling access to simple apps, or kept connected for full browsing and download of any app.


Include value add features

Additional features such as a QR code generator can link forms, URLs and more to digital signage information panels for visitors to scan for menu orders, event bookings, excursions and more; social media integration for immediate engagement; schedules to create advance promotions, menu launches, etc. support the delivery of an enhanced visitor experience. 


Think cost-effective and longevity

The ultimate unique CleverLive offering is that all devices are managed on a single account to ensure integration is seamless, minimises the need to learn multiple software, and enables grouping of devices to send instant messages such as special offers, venue changes and emergency alerts.


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a truly unified solution that is free from the frustrations of technology incompatibility and empowers you to communicate with your visitors and collaborate with your colleagues easily, and efficiently.