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Future-proofing the learning environment

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Investment in education technology is at an all-time high as higher education institutes invest in technology changes to complement existing resources and improve student experience through digital engagement. But, with government education funding cuts looming, institutes tasked with using technology to educate and prepare students for working in the 21st century are finding their financial resources strained. Sourcing affordable, sustainable and integrated edtech solutions for future-proofing the learning environment is the logical answer.

Informational displays

Room-booking systems have long been a requirement across universities for lectures and conferences. In this regard, digital signage has become one of the most popular ways to dynamically engage an audience in a large public area using multimedia content, both to inform and interact. Uses include communicating messages such as lecture room changes, transport information, timetables, catering information – the list goes on.


Collaborative technology

Collaboration within the teaching environment is now viewed as essential for educating in a modern and engaging way. Students are more familiar with their smartphones and apps than they are with pens and paper. The obvious next step is bringing this technology into collaborative education – offering students the chance to interact with their lectures, while also giving them the opportunity to share and collaborate during their own study sessions.

Integrating digital signage with collaborative tech

“Our brands, Clevertouch and Sedao, have operated independently in the edtech space, but this is about to change. The integration of the education sector’s favourite leading interactive screen with Sedao’s digital signage software is an obvious choice in the development of both our future product offerings,” said Adam Kingshott, brand marketing manager for the Sahara Group.

The result of these two coming together is a single platform solution – CleverMessage – that networks public digital signage screens with in-room interactive touchscreens. This not only solves two issues in one stroke, but also allows the whole digital ecosystem to be centrally managed, with one of the key features being the ability to convey instant messaging through every interactive screen which, for example, is ideal for facilitating the deployment of safety notices and emergency alerts.

Ultimately, the integrated Clevertouch and Sedao Digital Signage solution can be deployed across campus to achieve a wide range of administrative goals. This combination provides value for money, as well as all-important future-proofing, making it a winning choice for universities sourcing affordable and sustainable edtech solutions during looming government cuts. 

“Our aim is to provide industry-leading cost-effective products that support the development of our future leaders into the 21st century and beyond,” concludes Adam.

Our brands - Clevertouch and Sedao - have operated independently in the edtech space, but this is about to change."