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We are former primary school teachers, so we know what it’s like to be at the front of the classroom. Of course, none of us could have predicted that in 2020 we’d be having school closures and children would be learning from their homes. We’ve put together advice, videos, blogs and resources that you can use to help support and engage your students, whether they are at home, or in the classroom.

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Google Workspace

Make an IMPACT™ with Google Workspace

Many schools now classify themselves as a "Google School". If you use Google Classroom, Slides, Sheets, Docs and Drive, then you'll be pleased to know that you can integrate all of your files with your IMPACT™ or IMPACT Plus™ – watch the video to find out more.

Click on the links below to find out how you can use:

Google Docs  |  Google Sheets  |  Google Slides  |  Annotation Tools  |  Google Meet


Make an IMPACT™ with Microsoft

If your school prefers to use Microsoft software and apps, the good news is that they can also be integrated with IMPACT and IMPACT Plus. Watch the video to see how, or read through the following blogs:

Microsoft Teams  |  Microsoft Office 365

Freedom to work and learn

Work and Learn anywhere

You can work at home, on the go, or in another part of the school. Our displays sync to your Google Drive, OneDrive or Lynx Cloud, so you can access what you've been working on and display it on any IMPACT™ or IMPACT Plus™.


Remote Learning with Zoom

Hold your students' attention with a face-to-face meeting that also lets them see everything going on on your IMPACT Plus display.

Solutions for On-Campus Learning

Engaging lessons

LYNX Whiteboard

Anyone can download LYNX Whiteboard FOR FREE to any device. Teachers can create classrooms and set work for their students, who can view lessons in their own time, or live with their peers.

Video: Installing LYNX Whiteboard

Features of LYNX Whiteboard  |  Download the How To Guide  |  Get a LYNX Whiteboard Account

Record and share

Record your lessons for later

If you are delivering lessons in-class to some students, but have other students who will be learning from home later on, then you can record your lessons, including audio if you have IMPACT Plus with the built-in array microphone.

Dedicated support

Tools & Training

Our EdTech team all have IMPACT screens at home – so we don't need to be in the office to show you exactly how to set up your remote classroom. We also have handy on-line guides to using your favourite classroom tools remotely.

Learn more – email the team lead for Education: 

[email protected]

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