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Stay in control

IT, AV, and Facilities teams can view all devices that are connected to the CleverLive account. Group them, update the content, create launcher screens or add apps. You can even send alerts and announcements to all screens in seconds. Your IT Department can troubleshoot, update and close down remotely, saving them time, and taking the stress away from the user.

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Facilities/IT Team

Control all of your products with CleverLive

The beauty of Clevertouch lies with our complimentary, award-winning software platform CleverLive. Trusted by thousands of professionals, ClevertouchlLive controls all of your Clevertouch Technologies products from one central place. IT departments can update apps or the latest firmware and troubleshoot without leaving their desks, and administrators can share attention-grabbing content, instant messages, and company-branded launch screens across your devices all within a matter of a few seconds.

 Manage one screen, to thousands

   Across one location, or many

 Share messages across all of your Clevertouch devices

  Personalise a library of 200+ easy-to-use design templates

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