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Logitech in the London Gallery

We told you our partnership with Logitech would be exciting! Take a look below at how the installation day went, and what new tech we have in store for you in our London Gallery!


Here is how we installed a Logitech Rally Bar with a 75” UX Pro 2 and Logitech Tap controller in our boardroom. The Rally Bar features dual-cameras and auto-framing technology, and works perfectly with Microsoft Teams. The AI Viewfinder means cinematic meetings and video, perfect for medium to large meeting spaces.

Meeting area

Here we have installed a Logitech Rally Bar into our 86” UX Pro 2. This is another perfect area for this technology, as the wide open space means the dual-cameras and AI Viewfinder can provide perfect quality video calling in cinematic 4K. The auto-zoom feature means everyone is captured in stunning quality.


In our gallery we have installed a Logitech Rally Bar Mini into our UX Pro 2. Another great piece of technology to improve the BYOD meeting experience. A smaller but still extremely powerful Rally Bar means that any video conference or call is recorded in stunning 4K with crystal clear audio. 

We hope you enjoyed these videos, if you would like to visit and see for yourself, please book a demonstration here.

For more information on our solutions, watch our ecosystem video here.


Watch how Logitech upgraded our London Gallery with stunning new technology