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Create interaction, engagement
and collaboration in your classroom​​​​​​​

LYNX annotation and lesson planning software allows students to interact and collaborate with the content in the classroom.​​​​​​​

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Stay up to date with the latest version of LYNX Whiteboard - download the LYNX Launcher, it's free like all updates. Download games, lessons, and activities to use in class or as homework.

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Why choose LYNX?

Lynx allows teachers to create imaginative lessons with content from a variety of data sources. The newly designed interface makes Lynx easy to use and the upgraded system provides a fast, smooth and simple experience.

Cross platform compatibility

You can use any device

LYNX works across platforms on a range of devices, including Clevertouch displays, iPads, iPhones, Android devices, plus Windows PCs and Mac.

Freedom to plan and create

Work anywhere

Because LYNX is a cloud-based platform, you can log in from home, from the teachers' room or on the go and create dynamic lessons where and when you want.


Tools that stimulate interaction

LYNX can be run in dual screen mode, ideal for group work and for engaging multiple students in class.

Without interruption

Retrieve content from the Internet

With a direct link to the browser, you don't have to leave your session to access content from a Google search, that means no interruptions in your lesson.

Active learning

Increase engagement

Children love to get up and use the big screen. With handwriting recognition, math formula recognition, dice, math tools, science tools, and more, there are always new reasons to get students up and running and actively learning


Tools for teachers

We've made it so easy to access your toolkit. With teacher favorites like Rainbow Pen and Spotlight included, as well as interactive learning tools, LYNX is packed with features to keep lessons flowing.



LYNX Whiteboard werkt nu samen met PhET om je meer dan 80 GRATIS STEM-activiteiten te geven om in je klas te gebruiken of als huiswerk te maken.

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